Democrats and DF are waging political war in Budva

Stisak ruke kada je Carević funkciju preuzeo od Krapovića

Political war between Democrats and Democratic Front in Budva is dragging on. Democrats keep accusing DF of cooperating and forming coalition with the Democratic Party of socialists (DPS).

Front is being severely criticized by Mr Aleksa Bečić’s party in social media.

They posted a message on the official Facebook page of the leader of Democrats, Mr Aleksa Bečić: “Residents of Budva, congratulations on the formation of new coalition”, alluding to DF and DPS coalition.

This message was followed by another one.

“Movement for Changes and Socialist People’s Party have excluded their councilors because they cooperated with DPS. DF is praising and encouraging its councilors in the Municipal Assembly of Budva”.

This provoked the reaction of the Municipal Committee of the Movement for Changes Budva. They point out that they are surprised by the fact that their counterparts from the coalition targeted former and present members of this party by making the false statement that some members had been excluded due to the alleged cooperation with DPS.

“Given the fact that those people don’t deserve to be publicly targeted, we are forced to dismiss such claims. Mr Stevan Džaković hasn’t been excluded from the work of Movement for Changes due to his cooperation with DPS but because he provided his support to the candidate of Democrats for the function of the President of the Municipality of Budva. We want to stress this, since Mr Džaković was regarded as an uncompromising fighter for better Budva”, said the representatives of the local Movement for Changes.

They maintain that Ms Valentina Tadić is still councilor of DF coalition.

Political situation in Budva is in turmoil as Democrats are angry over the fact that the Decision on the determination of publiv interest and by means of which two green areas in the town were supposed to be protected, has been taken off the agenda.

Democrats claim that a brand new coalition is soon to be formed in Budva, whereas DF thinks that Democrats are making things up since they fail to come to terms with the fact that their man, Mr Dragan Krapović is no longer the head of the town.


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