Forte Mare to be on the world heritage list

Forte Mare fortress has been recognized by UNESCO as potentially important cultural and historical monument while Ministry of Culture thinks that the process of its registration on the list of protected cultural goods will be positive.

Ms Milica Nikolić from the Ministry of Culture says that it s first necessary to finish conservatory works which are underway, to eliminate traces of inappropriate use of the fortress in the past.

She thinks it is necessary to prepare good file, which is to be considered by UNESCO in the forthcoming period.

“Deadline for the delivery of the file is 31 January, 2021. The assessment itself takes a year and a half. We expect registration”, Ms Nikolić explained.

Director of Herceg Fest, institution managing fortresses, Ms Gordana Porobić-Krcunović, shares optimism.

“That means a lot for Herceg Fest. Registration of Herceg Novi on UNESCO list will position the town in such a way that it becomes recognizable town with valuable and important cultural heritage”, Ms Porobić-Krcunović said.

The Municipality of Herceg Novi has proposed Forte Mare fortress to be registered on the list of world cultural heritage.

Damaged in the earthquake in 1979

Forte Mare fortress was built between 14th and 17th century. It was restored in 1833. In 1952, it was adapted into summer cinema, and then in night club.

Famous architect from Belgrade, Mr Aleksandar Deroko, wrote about the architectural importance of Forte Mare and noted that architectural assembly of the fortress was a unique example of such construction continuity since Bosnian rule in the 14th and 15th century.

After the devastating earthquake in 1979, when the fortress suffered substantial damage due to the unprofessionally performed restoration, the first Bosnian phase of the fortress was completely lost. What is left of it today is only the wall in the south-east part corner and high staircase.


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