Hepatitis C is very common in Montenegro, it’s unkown how much

She said in an interview to PR center with regard to the World day of fight against Hepatitis, 28th of July, that there is no records of the number of people in Montenegro infected by hepatitis C. 

Zegura said that by the last records from 2014, among the population that is using drugs, 53 percent is infected by hepatitis C.

„We provided service for 338 persons who use heavy drugs in first half of this year. However, the rate of infection among th people that we help is a lot higher and it is around 80% of people infected”, said Zegura. 

According to her, in order to reduce the number of newly infected by hepatitis C, it is necessary to create an appropriate prevention program. 

„We hope that we won’t join some countries from the region such as Romania where we had a ahorribly big jump of the rate of infection by hepatitis C and HIV among the population that is using drugs”, said Zegura. 

She thinks that it’s important for the country to work more on informing the citizens, in order to remove stigma and discrimination against people infected by hepatitis C. 

She offered a message to the youth to be very careful when acquiring piercings and tattoos that the needles and all the equipment are sterilized. 

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