Krivokapić: We’ll win at least 26 seats

Zdravko Krivokapić

According to latest research of the public opinion, the great people’s coalition ‘For the Future of Montenegro’, comprising the Democratic Front (DF), the Socialist People’s Party (SNP), the Workers’ Party, the Real Montenegro and the United Montenegro, might win at least 26 seats on the elections on 30 August, which would be enough to overthrow the decade-long ruling of Milo Đukanović if they unite with the coalition of the Democrats and the URA Civic Movement after the elections, said the leader of the newly-established coalition, Zdravko Krivokpaić.

Speaking in a TV show titled ‘Svijet sa Sputnjikom’, Mr Krivokapić said that the great people’s coalition would try to change Montenegro and return it to its traditional and universal values.

“Right now, there’s no final agreement. I believe in our coalition with the Democrats and the URA Civic Movement. That would be a win-win situation. We are ready to make all exceptions just to change the government in Montenegro,” he said.

On possible irregularities in the elections, Mr Krivokapić says that their coalition is ready to do its job responsibly in all polling station across Montenegro.

He further emphasizes that people are not afraid of the regime, and that religious processions and the Serbian Orthodox Church liberated every man in Montenegro.

“Religious processions liberated people of Montenegro. We were walking quietly and with dignity, but one could hear our voice telling ‘We won’t allow anybody to take our shrines’ and ‘You can’t do this anymore’.”

Branko Radulović and Predrag Bulatović to stand for the elections as well

Beside the leaders of the DF, Milan Knežević and Nebojša Medojević, candidates on the electoral list are Slaven Radunović, Predrag Bulatović and Strahinja Bulajić.





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