Marković: ‘Coup’ verdicts are proof that judicial system is immune to pressures

Prime Minister Duško Marković said in Bundestag today that delivering verdicts in the process of the coup attempt was a proof that the judicial system in Montenegro was immune to all pressures.

PM informed the Board about the reforms which are under way. He put particular emphasis on the judicial system and fight against organized crime.

“It’s obvious that organized crime is losing the battle with the country, institutions are becoming stronger and more efficient. I’d like to thank your country for the support in strengthening rule of law that will soon result in addressing your experts to the Ministry of Justice and Montenegrin Police Department”, said Mr Marković.

He said that the judicial power has consolidated its capacities and raised the level of efficiency and accuracy. Verdicts delivered in the case of coup attempt was the most complex judicial process in the more recent history of our judicial system and we did a great, professional job.

PM is in his two-day visit to Germany.

He reminded that Montenegro had clear orientation and course.

“We are the country which is going to join joint, foreign and security policy of the EU in any case, and the country that has turned out to be a responsible member and reliable NATO ally”, said PM.

Mr Marković spoke today with the members of the Board for European Affairs at the German Federal Parliament – Bundestag, and said that the EU had to be more present in the public of WB countries and send clear messages to our citizens, on a daily basis if necessary.

“A discrepancy, that might be conspicuous at first sight, draws attention. The EU and western states are the greatest investors and donators at WB. This is what it looks like in the last 10 years: more than 8 billion investments, trade doubled – over €49,5 billion. EU is the main trade partner of the region and accounts for 73% of its trade. First and foremost, our citizen wants to live a better life. In that context, EU has to be more present”, said Mr Marković.

Montenegro wants Germany as its partner, role model and objective observer of circumstances.

Economic growth went beyond the expectations

As far as the policy of his Government is concerned, the Prime Minister said that economic growth that went beyond the expectations was his greatest success in the past two years.

“We’ve achieved the average 4,9% growth rate in almost every sector. We’ve reduced unemployment rate by 6%”, said PM.

Stability of public finances

We have been recording stability in the public finances for the last two years. Current consumption is being financed from the original income.

“At the moment, Montenegro is a huge construction site with great projects under way. There’s no risk for the sustainability of public finances. We want to provide continuity of high growth rates, falling trend of public debt and to increase employment and living standard”, said Mr Marković.

Stability exporter

Speaking about the media scene, President of the Government said that they were doing their best to improve the environment, including the improvement of the legislation framework.

He concluded by stating that Montenegro “is not the country endangered by temporary challenges and weaknesses”.


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