Montenegro got the new government, Krivokapic replaced


Parliament of Montenegro previously voted for new members of the government of electoral trust which swore into duty. Milorad Vujovic and Petar Ivanovic are new vice prime ministers, Goran Danilovic is minister of internal affairs, Rasko Konjevic is minister of finance, Boris Maric is minister of labor and social care, and Milenko Popovic is minister of agriculture. 

Parliament also confirmed Lex specialis which is a special law based on which the Agreement on free and fair elections will be applied. 49 parliament members voted for, 20 were against, and 6 didn’t use the right to vote. 

During the whole day discussion which finished late into the night, there were discussions about any and everything, including ancient Germans, electric power distribution in Pluzine and even the tanned skin of Nebojsa Medojevic. 

If the agreement fails, protests are next

After representatives of parliament clubs, Krivokapic himself took the word. He emphasized that after 10 years of parliamentarism, Montenegro today is still full of same divisions, short-sightedness and imprisonment. 

„Up until tonight I believed, and now I started doubting it, that some people have more maturity thatn the People’s party in 1998. They were full of soldiers back then. And DPS along with them. I was hoping that in 18 years someone else has matured too, and not only SDP. Being a civic party seems to be a thorn in many people’s eyes.”

„I am sorry that you cannot see how close October is”, he said. 

He also touched their long alliance with DPS. 

„Independent Montenegro was a goal to us, and to them it was a means to an end. The time has proved this”, he emphasized. 

„The main news is not Milo, or Ranko, or anyone else, but that our credit rating is falling down and that we won’t be able to return debts. Those who broke the law will have to pay. In a year, or two, but we will wait. We know ho to wait and win. We’re a stable party”, said Krivokapic. 

„I’m looking for people who are best if we have a common goal”, he added. 

„SDP will be stronger than ever on the elections”, said Krivokapic. 

He added that DF is helping DPS. 

„You will remain an opposition that is trying to remain the opposition. That is puberty politics”, he said. 

“If the agreement fails, the protests are the next step”, said Krivokapic. 

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