New campaign for vaccination of children


Around 25% of children born in  2016, hasn’t received the MMR vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella. That’s quite high percentage. Healthcare Center and Ministry of Health have launched a campaign again with the aim of increasing immunization of children. This campaign will last from 15 December to 15 January.

Epidemiologist and director assistant, Senad Begić, said that 8.000 doses of MMR vaccines arrived. There are around 15.000 doses at an annual level, and that’s enough for the protection of children.

“This vaccine has been used for 40 years now, we know all of its characteristics. Around 100 million children around the world received it, therefore, all the assertions of the opponents of vaccination are unfounded. Immunization is a continuous process. The fact that children are grouped in kindergartens and schools creates an unfavorable situation in epidemiological sense. Measles virus is one of the most widespread viruses and there’s always a possibility that it might come to Montenegro again, if our level of achieving collective immunity is still very low”, said Begić.

Director of the Healthcare center, Nebojša Kavarić that parents have realized the importance of MMR vaccine and ever since 1st September, when the campaign started, up until now, around 6.000 children received MMR.


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