Obradović and Ivanović had the approval to sign the contract with “Roli”

Former member of the Board of directors of “Telekom”, Pal Kustra, said for “Pobjeda”  that he was present during the session of the Board when the contract with “Roli” company was being considered. He pointed out that Oleg Obradović and Miodrag Ivanović signed the contract on the basis of the approval and authorizations given by the Board of directors of “Telekom”.

“As a member of the Board of directors of “Telekom”, I received the draft of the contract before the session and then I sent my own proposals which were  incorporated into the final version of the contract. Oleg Obradović and Miodrag Ivanović explained the details of the contract and said that the company would make the analysis of the telecommunication market in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzgovina, Albania and Kosovo and that afterwards, there would be the presentation which would feature the results of the analysis. We, as the members of the Board, simply approved the contract”, says Kustra.

He says that there was no difference in voting of Hungarian representatives and minority shareholders. They were all unanimously for the conslusion of the contract.

The prosecutor Saša Čađenović claims that Obradović and Ivanović took 2,3 million EUR on the basis of this fictitious contract with “Roli” company.

According to the indictment, this analysis stipulated by the contracted had never been carried out and Obradović and Ivanović violated article 272 of the Criminal code. They are charged for the abuse of position in business ethics.

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