Perović: DF might not be able to handle criticism

Džemal Perović

One of the leaders of the “Resist” movement, Mr Džemal Perović, said for Dan that civil unity was necessary to guarantee the implementation of any agreement reached in the Committee on Electoral and Other Reforms. He announced that representatives of the Resist movement would resume talks with representatives of opposition parties.

Journalists asked Mr Perović to comment on DF claim that “Resist movement” “doesn’t exist”.

“They were prompted by our criticism maybe. We said that we would have response for everybody after this cycle of talks. Now they are not answering, I don’t know what is this all about”, said Mr Perović and declined to elaborate further.

He pointed out that all representatives of opposition parties adhered to the Agreement on future.

“As I said, some subjects haven’t responded yet. I agree that opposition parties should stick to the Agreement on Future as it is the only chance for holding fair elections in 2020. We are getting ready for active boycott campaign in case our plans backfire”, pointed out Mr Perović.

According to him, Committee on Comprehensive Electoral and Other Reforms has good chances of success but under one condition.

“First item should be establishment of the government of civil unity. Otherwise, it would all be a farce. Institutions in Montenegro are trapped and laws aren’t enforced properly”, said Mr Perović.

Mr Perović said that boycott campaign had been envisaged as a warning to all political subjects.

“Protests continue soon, in September already”, said Mr Perović.


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