Political postcard: From the Agreement on Future to Brussels with no address

Protests organized by the “Resist” movement (Odupri se) lost the importance and strength long time ago. But nobody could muster up the courage to tell that it’s all going to be officially stopped.  From several thousand people at the beginning, they can now hardly gather several hundreds. And it was so last night.

Joint action of the “Resist” movement and the opposition has become a memory. Opposition is not going to unite, Agreement on Future was just a stumbling block… To sum it all up: Democrats and SDP won’t sit at the same table again, there’s been an argument between the organizers of the protest and SDP, delegation of the “Resist” movement went to Brussels without the opposition, although nobody really knows where they were, who they spoke to…

They state having good signals and support, but the question is: Whose support? For what?

Official Brussels, leaders of the EU Member States, support official Podgorica and the current Government.

What Mr Džemal Perović, one of the leaders of the “Resist” movement, said after his visit to Brussels sounds pretty frivolous.

He invites the opposition to come to attend protests in order to show who is for toppling the regime. He says he’s expecting the support from the citizens who want a country that is independent of the envelopes.

What an irony! The envelope triggered the dissatisfaction and sparked protests but actually the first problem between the “Resist” movement and the opposition was money – who gave most money, for what purpose, who is more honest, greater opposition advocate…

One of the leaders of the “Resist” movement, Mr Omer Šarkić, confirms by his Facebook status that money is the cause of the disunion.

“Did you know that members of the movement have had over 30 misdemeanor applications so far, even though protests were peaceful? Did you know that one member of the movement has 15 misdemeanor applications and is under obligation to attend hearings in various courts? Will the radicals assist and collect €2.500 in order to pay the fines?”, wrote Mr Šarkić.

And then he asked: “Did you know that the “Caravan” action (visiting towns in Montenegro) began at 7 am and finished at 11 pm and that there were people who couldn’t afford to buy cigarettes?”

He also wrote:

“We asked the party members to pay the lunch for the two days, very modest lunch. One big party paid the lunch the first day. The same party also gave us 6 cars to be available for us. We asked another big party to pay that lunch the second day of the trip. “I’m not your waiter, so that you can order your food and drink”. That was the answer. Finally, a small opposition party paid the lunch”, said Mr Šarkić.

Everything’s about the money, even within the circles of those who want to bring the regime down.

It’s obvious that the Democrats are taking actions with the aim of taking over leading position in the opposition. Their protests were inspired by their desire to be more visible.

Members of Democratic Front, on the other side, are only interested in their political interests. And that’s it – interests of the politics won again.

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