Radulović: Idea of Montenegro as elite destination is slowly becoming reality

Pavle Radulović

Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Pavle Radulović, said in the interview for NOVA M TV that the idea of Montenegro as elite destination is slowly becoming a reality.

“We’ve finished summer season in November practically and started winter season on 25 December. There’s a document adopted by the Government that deals with the preparation of tourism season. We are very satisfied with it. We can do better, of course, but every day we are making progress in every sense. I firmly believe that this season will be better than the previous”, says Minister Radulović.

He spoke about the biggest challenges in tourism.

“We’ve solved the problem with noise – regulation that limits it enters into force on 1st May. We’re working on the improvement of overall infrastructure”, said Mr Radulović.

As far as the facilities on the promenade in Budva are concerned, Minister says:

“They have been there for 30 years. When they have nothing else to do, people tend to politicize things”.

Another subject that brought the sector of tourism into focus of media attention was the situation on Tara river and the construction of the highway. Minister stresses that all standards are being met, with regular and constant monitoring.

“There are no any dicrepancies between the river and the highway”, says Mr Radulović.

He concludes that we are gradually achieving the objective set long time ago – Montenegro is becoming high-quality tourist destination.

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