Salmon farming factory opens in Ulcinj

Predsjednik opštine Ulcinj Ljoro Nrekic

Projects which are going to be carried out in Ulcinj are numerous, says President of the Municipality of Ulcinj, Mr Ljoro Nrekić. He announces construction of salmon farming factory and says they are currently looking for investors in the tourist complex on Mavrijan hill, near Valdanos, whose estimated value amounts to €1 billion.

Mr Nrekić is proud of everything that has been achieved ever since he took over the president function.

Financial consolidation was the most important task.

“We have settled all the debts we had”, said Mr Nrkeić.

Numerous projects are set to be carried out in the southernmost Montenegrin municipality. One of them is the construction of salmon factory. Preparation phase of the project is underway. The construction is expected to begin by the end of year.

“This project is very important. The factory will be located in Port Milena. We also have construction of airport in Ulcinj. Cargo planes will be delivering salmon to Rome for distribution. Around 500 people would have jobs”, said Mr Nrekić.

He firmly believes that local administration will find the investor in the construction of five-star tourist complex on Mavrijan hill.

“The complex will consist of bungalows, three hotels and a casino hotel, marina with 147 berths. It would be a resort and it would definitely boost tourism in Ulcinj and Montenegro”, said Mr Nrekić.

Tourist season brings satisfaction to local administration in Ulcinj. Mr Nrekić says that there’s no development without infrastructure. Works on the construction of water supply system will begin soon.


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