Strengthening macroeconomic stability and increasing competitiveness are crucial factors

Radunović na Samitu NIN-a

In the last couple of years, region of West Balkans has been recording the recovery from the global economic crisis. In 2017, all countries reached positive economic growth, primarily thanks to the improvement of economic performances and investments.

In the forthcoming period, the focus of the economic policy will be put on the reinforcement of macroeconomic activity, with raising the level of competitiveness of the economy so that the income per capita converges faster with the income in the EU, said the Minister of Finance, Darko Radunović at the opening of the Summit of Ministers of Finance, governors and directors of tax administrations of the region.

Taking Montenegro as an example, Radunović pointed out that strengthening fiscal stability in our country is based on the implementation of measures of fiscal consolidation and which aim to create surplus in the budget and decrease the public debt.

The first results are encouraging. There has been a surplus in the budget, investments have increased, the trust of the international financial institutions is bigger. Furthermore, what speaks in favor of achieved economic results is also the fact that the World Bank granted 80 million EUR guarantee which provided refinancing of the public debt, as well as the most successful bond issue ever since Montenegro appeared at securities market.

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