Tara is not devastated

Mihailo Burić (Foto: Portal Analitika)

After increased precipitation, Tara is now flowing smoothly and after Bar-Boljare highway is finished, the area will be as it used to be, said Dr Mihailo Burić.

Dr Burić is drawing up the new monitoring and rehabilitation plan, with the aim of fulfilling all the requirements for the environment protection while the construction works are under way and afterwards.

Dr Burić explains that monitoring is supposed to last until the works are finished and two years afterwards.

“Any identified harmful effect or any irregularity must be eliminated or rehabilitated while the works are underway or after they are finished”, pointed out Mr Burić.

He explains that low water level was not a consequence of construction works but a natural regime.

“In dry conditions, there can’t be living world in a river. Water level has been very low this year. People have been given the wrong impression that construction works provoked the problem. That’s not true. It was all just a natural regime in the period of drought. Now, after rainfall, Tara is replenished”, pointed out Dr Burić.

He warns that term “devastation” is being misused in this context.

“If we take a look at Tara at the highest water level, the water turbidity is natural and almost the same as in the area of construction works and, therefore, it can’t be regarded as devastation. Once the works are completed, Tara will be brought back to its previous state. The terrain will be flattened”, said Dr Burić and added that the National Park zone was more than 20 km away from the construction area.

He says that water quality in Tara is satisfactory.


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