Vuksanović Stanković: I’ll fight for a decent life for all

Draginja Vuksanović Stanković

Draginja Vuksanović Stanković of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, has been the only candidate running for the party’s presidency. In an interview with Dan daily, she told as the leader of this party, she would like to continue fighting for better Montenegro, that is, a society of equal chances where no one would have privileges based of their political affiliation.

She stressed that the SDP has been existing for three years and that it has achieved its strategic, state goals – an independent and civic Montenegro, NATO membership and its road to the EU.

According to her, fighting for a decent life of all citizens of Montenegro must be the topmost priority of every political party.

“I and my team are all ready to remain committed to this priority to the very end,” noted Ms Vuksanović Stanković.


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