Waiting for Russia’s reaction to the next elections


There is a basis for better relations with Russia, but it depends on whether the country will meddle in the upcoming elections in Montenegro, said foreign minister Srdjan Darmanovic.

“Relations with Russia are at a relatively low level,” said Darmanovic appearing on the TVCG’s morning show. However, he pointed out that Montenegro had decent relations with Russia when it comes to economy, tourism and international organisations.

“As you can see, Russia is very interested in the electoral issues in many European and other countries. It is meddling in those elections in various ways. We will see what will happen in our country very soon and whether there will be such interference in October. The improvement of political relations will depend on it. There is no reason or motive to have strained relations with such a powerful state,” he said.

As far as the political security aspect is concerned, it is clear to everyone what happened on the election day last year, Darmanovic said adding that the Serbian government played an important role in revealing this event.

“It should be noted with regret that members of the Russian security services took part in it,” said Darmanovic.

According to him, the operation was aimed at preventing NATO from spreading, which is Russia’s legitimate policy as a powerful state. But the way it was done was disputable, Darmanovic says.

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