Construction completed on the pillars of the largest bridge in the ex-Yu region

Construction has been finalized on the pillars of the largest bridge on priority section of the highway Bar Boljare. The construction site was visited today by the Minister of Traffic and Maritime Affairs Osman Nurkovic and Hei Shiqiang, CRBC executive director for Montenegro. Moracica bridge is one of the most demanding objects on the highway. It will be almost a kilometer long and it will bridge the valley of river Moraca with the opposite hill. Five pillars will hold the bridge, of which one will be 161 meters. This is the first structure of this type built in the region of former Yugoslavia.

Minister Nurkovic said that the construction on the bridge was going well and that he was pleased to see the pillars completed.

Financial parameters were mentioned as well, with the first CRBC invoice being 127 million euros.

“We will have two more mileposts before the end of the year, and with that we will have completed the spending of project budget for this year, 180 million”, the Minister.

There are 97 more companies working on the project in addition to CRBC.

“80 companies are based in MOntenegro. Of 3.2 thousand workers, 1.183 are nationals”, Nurkovic said.




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