Knežević offered money to take over the ‘Resist!’ protests

Foto: CdM

A member of the ‘Resist!’ movement and one of the signatories of the so-called ‘Agreement for the Future’, Ms Ratka Jovanović Vukotić, accused yesterday the businessman Duško Knežević of offering money to involve him directly in the protests in Podgorica.

She revealed this on Facebook after Duško Knežević’s protest on Thursday resulted in failure, reported Pobjeda, a daily.

“We all accept the fact he’s a key witness but no one can accept this obvious insulting of protesters. The man asked to take over our protests and offered us money just to be able to get his damaged reputation back,” wrote Ms Jovanović Vukotić.

“Mr Knežević put all his efforts to derail ‘Resist!’ protests as he himself couldn’t take over them. I don’t understand that there are people backing him even though they know very well that he invested EUR 20 million in the DPS,” she added.

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